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Action Form: A New View Of Endometriosis

If you had a medical diagnosis, how difficult was it to get a correct one?
Don't Know Easy Difficult Impossible

What kind of experience have you had with the medical profession?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

If you used a alternative practitioner, what kind of experience did you have?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

What did you find worked for you?
Stress Reduction Vitamins Herbs Diet Change
Prescription Drugs Exercise Time-Off Body Work

Who would you like to be informed about this subject?
Medical Associations Government Regulatory Agencies Elected Representatives Drug and Supplement Manufacturing Companies

What following conditions do you think apply to you. (Check anything that might apply)

abnormal endometrial-like tissue abnormal tissue allergies
ALLERGIES: allergy appendicitis
atypical implants auto-immune disease back pain
black implants black spots blood loss
blue-black abnormalities blueberry spots burning
burns candida infections chronic candidiasis
chronic disability defects in the peritoneum dioxin exposure
DIOXIN EXPOSURE: endometriosis excruciating pain
hypersensitivity infertility inflammation of the peritoneum
lesions in the peritoneum lesions low carbohydrate diet
misplaced endometrial tissue multiple surgeries pain during sex
pain during bowel movements painful sex painful periods
pelvic pain PMS powder burns
prolonged antibiotics small lumps suspicious lesions
tenderness tenderness of the ligaments yeast overgrowth
yeast infection

Check off any of the following items that you ingest.

acidophilus anti-yeast medication bread
Chinese herbs chlorine choline
danazol desensitizing oral drops dried fruits
evening of primrose oil fermented foods fish
fruit herbs HERBS:
homeopathic remedies HOMEOPATHY: inositol
methionine mouldy foods natural progesterone
sugar synarel vitamin-C
yeast desensitization shots

Check off any of the following therapies or procedures you use.

acupuncture acupuncture treatments aerobic exercise
affirmations avoidance of sugars drug therapy
drug therapies endometriosis diet Herbal therapy
jogging macrobiotic diet nutritional therapy
TENS Visualization

Make your imput count. The information you submit will be compliled with all other submissions and used to activate for positive change in women's health.

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