Special Acknowledgements

Book Review, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 9 Section-1 Details

With many thanks to my mom and dad, Vicky and Vince DeMarco for their warm support and encouragement; and to my sisters, Kathy Burroughs, Andrea DeMarco, Mary Sutton, Rosemary Marziliano; and my brothers Vincent, Joseph, Paul and Lawrence DeMarco, for their ongoing enthusiasm and unqualified support.

With warm appreciation for the conscientious and knowledgeable assistance of Linda Einblau, senior librarian at the B.C. Medical Library.

With much thanks and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our proofreaders, Paul DeMarco, Daisy Kaschte, Mieke Fleck and Victoria DeMarco.

With many thanks for the constant enthusiasm, original ideas, wise advice and general all around support of Estelle Gee.

With gratitude to Stewart Brown and the staff at Supplements Plus for their dedication to women's health.

With gratitude to Sam and Elvira Graci for their gracious assistance in promoting this book and the cause of women's health.

With appreciation for the dynamic support and creative genius of Mariella Rowan, Vice-President, AV International.

A special acknowledgement to Dr. Guylaine Lanctot for her support and passionate commitment to the book.

With heartfelt thanks to Jane Heimlich for her strong support and encouragement and taking time out of her busy schedule to write the forward for this book.

With appreciation of the ongoing and enthusiastic support of Dr. Carolyn Dean.

With thanks to my former editors, Heather Howie at Today's Health, Gorden Bagley at Wellness MD, and my present editors, Laurie Imbert at Health Naturally, Karolyn Gazella at Health Counselor, and Catherine Farley at the Toronto Star and Lifelines.

Much thanks to Christina Hartling, Luanne Armstrong, Andrea Wright, Robin Wiseman, Lance Barham, Cheryl Curtis, Roger Dee, Liz Braun, Judi Jessen, Joanna DeMarco, Lynn Hamilton, Darrell Wolfe, Carol Yipp, Catherine Gabriel, Vere Shute, Robert McMaster, Healthy Horizons, Health Action Network, Consumer Health, Libby and John Gagnon, Harvey Diamond, Dr. Jan DeVries, Dr. Anette Grundholm, Dr. John Brighton, Gayle Brighton, Dr. Mary Doherty, Dr. Filip Vanz Hov, Dr. Donna Schoales, Dr. Richard Pragnall, Dr. Donald Gay, Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Dr. Verna Hunt, Dr. Pat Wales, Zelda Abramson, Margaret Tessman, The Toronto Women's Bookstore, Elizabeth Irwin, Sue Skinner, Marilyn Dennis, Bruce Steele, Bruce Edwards, Michael Snook, Clarke Donnelley, Lilli Fournier, Joyce Resin, Elizabeth Roux, Olenka Demianchuk, Alison Hancock, Trudi Pizak, Sid Tayal, Murray Cooper, Guy Krouse, Marilyn Linton, Janice Dineen, Elsa Franklin, Sharon MacFarland, Hazella Palmer, Daniela Curk, Maureen McGuire and many others.

With gratitude to Amy Lee and the Sisterhood of the Shields.

Acknowledging the whole hearted support and inspiration of Harley Taylor and Millie Anderson.

With appreciation for the life and work of Claude Dosdall (1936-1993) whose book God, I Thought You Died, continues to be an inspiration to many and exemplifies the principles of self help and health activism.

Special thanks to all the women who have read the book and recommended it to their family and friends.

With much gratitude to all my patients over the last twenty years, who have taught me so much, and who have allowed me to participate in their journey to health.

Book Review, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 9 Section-1 Details