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Guidelines For Combining Scientific And Natural Treatments, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 7 Book Review, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 9

For over twenty years, Dr. DeMarco has been championing the cause of women's health. She was among the first to advocate the pro-active take charge approach to health care that is now so popular. She is a pioneer in natural childbirth and a leading advocate for midwives. Dr. DeMarco takes her message to the media through her many television, radio and newspaper interviews and her nationally syndicated newspaper column.

Dr. Carolyn DeMarco is one of only a dozen medical doctors in Canada that write regularly for the lay public. She is one of four doctors writing columns for Lifelines which is syndicated in all major newspapers across Canada, with an estimated readership of over two million. She is a medical advisor and major contributor to Health Naturally. She is also featured in Health Counselor, an American self-help magazine with a distribution of 250,000.

She has specialized in women's health issues since obtaining her medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1972.

She works as a consultant in complementary medicine in both the city of Toronto and in rural British Columbia. Complementary medicine means combining the best of scientific medicine with the best of natural medicine. She lectures on women's health and complementary medicine throughout Canada and the United States.

For eight years, she wrote the For Women Only column for Today's Health, a magazine distributed inside 350,000 copies of The Globe and Mail, with an estimated readership of over one million. She is also the medical advisor and a major contributor to Wellness MD a magazine focusing on complementary medicine and distributed to Canadian doctors.

Her article, Medical Malepractice, is a chapter in the book Misdiagnosis: Woman As A Disease, published by the People's Medical Society. Her article on menopause is also a chapter in the book On Women Healthsharing (Women's Press 1994).

She is featured in the National Film Board's documentary Born at Home. A film about natural childbirth.

She has appeared on the television shows, The Journal, Prime Time News, Marketplace, Midday, Alive and The Best Years. In addition she taped thirteen segments for CBC TV's morning series What On Earth which is now re-broadcast on the LIFE channel.

She is a regular guest on Marilyn Dennis's live CITYLINE show on CITY-TV broadcast nationally which introduces the concepts of holistic health to the public.

She is the weekly health columnist for the Women's Television Network.

She lectures annually to fourth year students at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, in Toronto, on a women-centred approach to gynecology and an introduction to complementary medicine.

Take Charge of Your Body has been widely acclaimed by women's groups across the continent. It provides a gold standard for women's health information.

What People Say About Dr. DeMarco And This Book
JANINE O'LEARY COBB, Founder/Editor, A Friend Indeed and Author of Understanding Menopause.

"Take Charge Of Your Body is a great place to start. It provides short articles on many, many aspects of women's health, each one providing clear information and additional resources. An ideal book to have around the house whether you're fifteen or seventy-five."

DR. GUYLAINE LANCTOT, Author, Activist, Physician and Co-founder of Les Femmes D'Affaire.

Are you a woman? Are you concerned with your health? If so Dr. Carolyn DeMarco's book is what you need. If you have a question, she has the answers.

Dr. Carolyn DeMarco is unique. She gathers information from all over the world, selects the best and serves it up on a platter for us to choose from. She is a remarkable physician with tremendous knowledge and passion in her quest for truth. She is devoted to the cause of empowering and informing women. Dr. DeMarco makes me proud of being both a medical doctor and a woman.

REBECCA WIGOD, The Vancouver Sun.

"Dr. Carolyn DeMarco believes the predominantly male medical establishment deprives Canada's women of appropriate treatment for their special needs."

MIKE MILNE, The C.M.A. Journal.

"The Canadian doctors who do practise "journalistic medicine" are a long way from fitting any soap-opera mould. Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, with regular medical columns in newspapers and magazines, has a reputation based on content and comment, not on image."


"Does your doctor really listen to you? Does he suggest that your complaints are all in your head? Does he prescribe drugs for normal stages in your life as if they were diseases? If you have any doubts such as these, you need a second opinion from Dr. DeMarco, an expert on women's health issues. Let her show you how to ask your doctor the right questions."

MARILYN MOYSA, Edmonton Journal.

"Dr. DeMarco says self-education is the key to women taking charge of their own health care."

JOCELYN ARGUETHE, Star Phoenix Saskatoon.

"DeMarco recommends people take charge of their own health by using a combination of western and natural medicine. Although she believes western medicine proves useful for emergency operations, diet and herbal treatments may be more effective when treating chronic ailments."

LUANNE ARMSTRONG, Book Review, Healthsharing.

"This is a wonderful book... it contains an enormous amount of factual, well researched and often quite new information in several key areas... The perspective is refreshing. I had never before read a book written by a doctor which didn't have a slightly patronizing edge to it. There is none of that here."

DR. CAROLYN DEAN, holistic physician and author of When You Can't Reach The Doctor.

"I have always been impressed by the amount of time, effort and energy that Dr. DeMarco puts into her work. Her writings are meticulously researched and presented in an extraordinary readable and informative manner. Required reading for any women interested in taking responsibility for her own health."

EDITH AUGER, Reader, Sault Saint Marie, Ont.

"Real practical knowledge. A handbook every woman should have. Very reassuring and practical. Makes me feel proud to be a woman."

THE SOJOURNER, Boston, Mass. U.S.A.

"Take Charge Of Your Body provides women with the information they need to make empowering, personal health care decisions. The topics discussed in the book are of equal concern to all women."

ZELDA ABRAMSON, College Street Women's Centre.

"In my experience, women love this book. It is full of not readily available information on every aspect of a women's heath."

SYLVIA PLOTNIKOFF, reader, Nelson B.C.

It is a rare pleasure to hear a doctor admitting that women have knowledge of their bodies and should be taken seriously ...I hope that many more women and doctors develop a more responsible point of view.

WOMEN'S NETWORK, Charlottetown P.E.I.

"A wonderful resource for any women who wants to take control of her life."

DR. ANETTE GRUNDHOLM, Family Physician, White Rock, B.C.

Dr. Carolyn DeMarco has researched a great deal of information on health topics of interest to women of all ages. She has synthesized this material into an easily readable form. Conventional medical wisdom, newer and alternative thinking and approaches to treatment are addressed. An excellent list of recommended reading and references complement each article. This book is highly recommended to women who wish to take an active role in their own health care."

MARGARET TESSMAN, Book Reviewer For Images.

Carolyn DeMarco's book is a huge relief, but also a challenge. As she writes in the introduction, it's time for women to accept that we are ultimately responsible for our own healthcare, using our doctors as a resource rather than an authority. She then goes on to list a 15 point "Women's Health Bill of Rights" which stresses the idea that we share the responsibility for our physical well-being with our physicians. We can choose to treat our bodies with respect by feeding, exercising and resting them adequately. We can also make educated choices about the kind of health care we want by informing ourselves and our doctors about our rights as women and as patients.

Guidelines For Combining Scientific And Natural Treatments, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 7 Book Review, Take Charge of Your Body A Women's Health Advisor, by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco Intro - 9