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Take Charge of Your Body, Women's Health Advisor
Take Charge of Your Body

This Book Empowers Every Woman

  • To take charge of her health.

  • To use her doctor as a resource rather than an authority.

  • To say no to unnecessary drugs and surgery.

  • To listen to what her body is telling her.

  • To get in touch with her inner resources.

  • To use safe and natural methods.

  • The Complete Text of the best selling book on women's health "Take Charge of Your Body", Women's Health Advisor by Dr. Carolyn DeMarco. This digital version of the book is fully indexed and incorporates to the "place on the page" navigation with content that takes you to the heart of the matter.

  • "Pre-Programed Internet Searchs" for all index entries in 3 search modes (General, Specific and Exact) for searching the Web and the Usenets. No typing required. And because these pre-programed searchs are "Context Sensitive" and tailored for each index entry, you get results that are both concise and relevant.

  • Unique 3 speed "Scrolling Text" features specially designed for easier reading, reviewing and remembering. Just click on the RealPlayer-7 window and toggle through the 3 speeds.

Doctor DeMarco Answers Your Questions: Table of Contents
Doctor DeMarco
Answers Your Questions

Concise & Accessible Information

  • Content that investigates the core issues.

  • Fully indexed text. Find what you need to know fast.

  • Divided into 3 sections, Columns, Questions and Factsheets.

  • Up to date information.

  • Written is an easy to understand style.

  • All researched by an independent medical doctor.

  • The complete text of Doctor DeMarco's new book, "Doctor DeMarco Answers Your Questions", divided into 3 sections, Columns, Factsheets and Reader's Questions.

  • The content of Doctor DeMarco new book is both "Audio Text Scrolled" and "Indexed". Hours of audio clips are readily available with a mouse click. Click on the text in your browser and the RealPlayer-7 will play and scroll the text for you right from the place you click on.

  • Use the unique "Alphabetical Index" to locate the index entry of your choice then click on the (|) marker and explore the content in audio with the text auto-scrolled for you. Follow the text, just listen, or do both. Right click on the window, select "Full Screen" and you can sit back, with your hands free, and review the content with the audio playing and the text scrolling, by yourself, or with friends and family.

Expressions Of The Spirit
Invisible Sun
Expressions of the Spirit
Island Earth

And So Begins Our Dream Time

  • It is a personal observation that humankind has pursued a relationship between Itself and a musical instument, so that It may achieve a position of total extension.

  • Whether it be two "clic sticks" in rhythm or the complex arrangements of a symphonic overture, it does not matter, for when complete resistance has subsided between the two, then It will have total extension!

  • We hope these pieces of music will help inspire your "Creative Genius" that is inherent in all of us.
  • If you would like to listen to a pre-programed soundtrack, you can select one for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the Soundtracks button and a control panel will appear. It displays as a color table of 18 squares and a center square which is a stop button. Each square one will play 15 minutes of music from Expressions Of The Spirit and Island Earth by Invisible Sun.

  • Tracks Include: NightFall, Faithful, Nimbus Tears, SongBell, 15 To One, A Conversation, TimeShifting, Something In C, Dreams, Emerald Dawn, Desert Queen, Island Earth, Playful Seas, Seventh Forest, Hemispheres, Through The Fire, Lady Of The Fields and Soundscapes.

About The Images On This CD-ROM

  • Many times in our lives on planet earth we fail to realize than nature is what sustains us. More often than not we look for solutions that are overcomplicated and driven by our need for scientific complexity. The answer simply surrounds us. The photos you see printed in this book are a walker's view of a unique interior rain forest in British Columbia.

  • For the last twenty years, Carolyn DeMarco has been taking photographs of her twenty four acre land and the surrounding area in the south eastern corner of British Columbia. She says she is still amazed by the rare beauty of the river, lake and mountains in this area. The scene outside her door is constantly shifting and evolving through the seasons. Every time she looks outside her door at the day to day scenery, she is inspired and awed. New miracles appear before her eyes.

  • These photographs have been incorporated into this CD-ROM. The result is beautiful and truly unique and the spirit of the natural world in this area shines through. The photographs are a natural accompaniment to this book on remedies from the natural world and bear witness to the power of nature to heal by its presence alone.

  • The West Kootenay area of British Columbia is located in the Rocky mountains of Canada. The river being photographed most often is the Slocan River, which flows from Slocan Lake. The Slocan River is one of the few undamed wild rivers left in southern British Columbia and its water still runs pure. Pure water has become one of the rarest commodities on this planet. The water quality of this area is currently being threatened by proposed logging activities in community watersheds.

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