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Action Form: The Challenge Of Pregnancy Over Thirty Five

If you had a medical diagnosis, how difficult was it to get a correct one?
Don't Know Easy Difficult Impossible

What kind of experience have you had with the medical profession?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

If you used a alternative practitioner, what kind of experience did you have?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

What did you find worked for you?
Stress Reduction Vitamins Herbs Diet Change
Prescription Drugs Exercise Time-Off Body Work

Who would you like to be informed about this subject?
Medical Associations Government Regulatory Agencies Elected Representatives Drug and Supplement Manufacturing Companies

What following conditions do you think apply to you. (Check anything that might apply)

allergies amniocentesis birth defects
Chromosomal abnormalities cravings diabetes
Elevated blood sugar Excess dairy products food cravings
frequent headaches genetic abnormalities gestational diabetes
headache heart problems Hormonal upheavals
increased levels of blood sugar losing your mind loss of privacy
loss of private time low birth weight neural tube defect
premature delivery premature baby risk of diabetes
runny nose serious genetic defect sleep deprivation
sleep lack spinal tube defects structural abnormalities
structural defect uninterrupted sleep unnecessary anxiety
unusual bleeding

Check off any of the following items that you ingest.

bread calcium magnesium chicken
coffee dairy products estriol
fish folic acid fresh fruit
fruit gonadotropin insulin
legumes magnesium milk
multivitamin organ meats sugar substitutes
sugar vegetable whole grains
whole grain bread yogurt

Check off any of the following therapies or procedures you use.

genetic counselling good prenatal care lifestyle change
scheduled routine

Make your imput count. The information you submit will be compliled with all other submissions and used to activate for positive change in women's health.

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