Chlamydia - The Greatest Threat To Reproductive Health - Page 92 Favourite Childbirth Books - Page 94

Making The Most of Your Pregnancy Section - Page 93
Favourite Childbirth Books - Page 94

*Choice In Childbirth *Pregnancy And Childbirth Preparation *Nutrition For Mother And Child *Using Herbs, Homeopathy And Nutrition Wisely During Pregnancy *Choosing To Birth Outside A Hospital *Breast-feeding *Exercise And Yoga *Emotional And Mental Care *After The Birth *Where To Get These Books
The Amazing World Of The Unborn Child - Page 98

*Sound And The Unborn *Sleep, Activity And Playing *How Your Feelings Affect The Baby *Connecting With Your Unborn Child *Dealing With Your Emotions
Should Every Pregnant Woman Have An Ultrasound? - Page 101

*What Is Ultrasound ? *The Debate On Routine Versus Selective Use Of Ultrasound *What The Experts Say *Selective Use Of Ultrasound *Deciding On Whether To Have An Ultrasound *Some Questions You May Want To Ask Yourself *Risks Of Ultrasound *Vaginal Ultrasound *Dangers Of Doppler Ultrasound *Women's Reactions To Ultrasound In Pregnancy *Summary *For Further Reading *Addendum On Electronic Fetal Monitoring *What Is Efm ? *The Disadvantages Of Efm *Other Options Of Efm
Testing The Waters - All About Amniocentesis - Page 108

*Who Should Consider Amniocentesis ? *Medical Reasons *Who Should Not Have Amniocentesis *What Amniocentesis Can't Tell You *What Are The Risks *Genetic Counselling Necessary *Where To Have Amniocentesis *The Decision To Terminate *Chorionic Villi Sampling *An Ethical Dilemma *Further Reading
The Challenge Of Pregnancy Over Thirty Five - Page 112

*High Risk ? *Birth Defects And Age *Get All Your Questions Answered Before Testing *Alpha Fetal Protein Testing *Alpha Plus Or Triple Screening *Folic Acid Can Prevent Structural Birth Defects *Nutrition And Health *Gestational Diabetes *Coping With Fatigue *Changes In Lifestyle *Resources
Keeping Fit While Pregnant Is Good For You And Your Baby - Page 117

*Benefits Of Exercise *The Ideal Pregnancy Exercise Program *Stretching Exercises *Aerobic Exercises *Specific Exercises For The Child-bearing Years *Breathing And Relaxation *Summary *For Further Reading
Dealing With The Discomforts Of Pregnancy - Page 121

*Constipation *Heartburn *Morning Sickness *Stretch Marks *Backache And Hip Pain *Resources

Chlamydia - The Greatest Threat To Reproductive Health - Page 92 Favourite Childbirth Books - Page 94


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