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Action Form: Preventing And Treating Bone Loss

If you had a medical diagnosis, how difficult was it to get a correct one?
Don't Know Easy Difficult Impossible

What kind of experience have you had with the medical profession?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

If you used a alternative practitioner, what kind of experience did you have?
Don't Know Bad Good Excellent

What did you find worked for you?
Stress Reduction Vitamins Herbs Diet Change
Prescription Drugs Exercise Time-Off Body Work

Who would you like to be informed about this subject?
Medical Associations Government Regulatory Agencies Elected Representatives Drug and Supplement Manufacturing Companies

What following conditions do you think apply to you. (Check anything that might apply)

absorption of calcium accelerated bone loss bloating
bone crystals breast tenderness calcium loss
calcium deficiency clots drowsiness
early phase of bone loss early bone loss environmental toxins
flushes fractures fractures of the spinal column
genetic disorder heart disease high risk for bone loss
hip fracture history of ulcer hot flushes
incidence of fractures intermittent ammenorrhea loss of independence
loss of lean body mass low calcium intake low protein
mobility mobility after fractures mood changes
multiple pregnancies muscle weakness negative calcium balance
osteoporosis osteoporosis related fractures overweight
post-menopausal osteoporosis risk of uterine cancer sedentary lifestyle
severe osteoporosis tenderness ulcer
uterine cancer weak digestion weight gain

Check off any of the following items that you ingest.

alendronate amino acid aspartates
beans beers beet greens
betacarotene biphosphonate boron supplements
BORON broccoli cabbage
Caffeine Cal-plex Calcitonin
calcitrol calcium citrate maleate calcium sulphate
calcium supplementation Calcium Citramate Calcium carbonate
calcium-magnesium calcium-magnesium supplement calcium-magnesium citrate capsules
calcium-magnesium liquid cherries chicken
Citramate citrate coffee
dairy products digestive enzymes diosgenin
dried beans dulse editronate disodium
estrogen replacement therapy estrogen skin patch estrogen-progesterone
estrogen-progesterone patch estrogens Etridonate
extract of horsetail fish fluoride
folic acid fresh fruit fruit
grapes greens Homeopathic calcium carbonate
homocysteine hormone replacement therapy hydrochloric acid
hydroxypatite intramuscular injection juice
kelp leafy green vegetables legumes
lemon lime processed tortillas liquid calcium-magnesium
magnesium manganese Methione
microcrystalline hydroxypatite milk multivitamin
nasal spray natural progesterone natural progesterone cream
non-citrus fruits nuts Osseous Complex
Osteo-B-Plus Osteo-Balance Osteoguard
OsteoPrime parsley peas
phosphorus pro-gest cream Pro-Osteo
progesterone skin cream Provera red meat
seafood sesame seeds sodium
sodium fluoride sugar sulphate
synthetic progesterone tahini tannin
Tobacco tofu vegetable
Vegetarian dietary sources of calcium vinegar vitamin-C
vitamin-D vitamin-D3 Vitaplex Natural's
whole grains wild yam zinc

Check off any of the following therapies or procedures you use.

aerobic exercise calcium balance dancing
estrogen hormone therapy Estrogen skin patches exercise program
holistic approach to diet low fat diet low protein diet
low protein vegetable diet strength training program STRENGTH TRAINING:

Make your imput count. The information you submit will be compliled with all other submissions and used to activate for positive change in women's health.

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