A New View Of Endometriosis - Page 186 The Major Milestone Of Menopause - Page 188

Growing Older Getting Better Section - Page 187
The Major Milestone Of Menopause - Page 188

*Menstrual Changes *Hot Flashes *Vaginal Dryness *Other Symptoms Of Menopause *Mental And Emotional Changes *Depression, Self-esteem And Unrewarding Roles *Is Menopause A Disease ? *Should I Or Shouldn't I Take Hormones ? *The Down Side Of Synthetic Progesterone *The Benefits Of Natural Progesterones *Hormones And The Heart: The Pros *Are You At High Risk For Heart Disease ? *Hormones And The Heart: The Cons *Hormones And Bone Loss *Hormones And Breast Cancer *Weighing The Risks Versus The Benefits *Fifty Something In The Nineties *A New Way Of Looking At Menopause *Natural Alternatives To Hormones *Menopause Specifics: Hot Flashes *Menopause Specifics: Mood Swings, Irritability And Insomnia *Vaginal Dryness *Rejuvenating Methods *Lifetime Risks Of Death For 50 Year Old Women *Relative Risk Of Selected Conditions For A 50 Year Old White Woman Treated With Long-term Hormone Replacement: *Highly Recommended: *Menopause Support Groups *Suppliers Of Natural Hormones And Vitamin Supplements
Preventing And Treating Bone Loss - Page 205

*Preventing Osteoporosis *Calcium Supplements *Calcium Supplements Useful Even After Menopause *Boron Also Is One Of The Key Minerals For Bone *Eating Well And Not Absorbing What You Need ? *Folic Acid, Homocysteine And Bone *Are You At High Risk For Bone Loss ? *Women Who Don't Have Regular Periods At Risk For Bone Loss *Estrogen And Progesterone - Which One Is Most Important For Bone Health ? *Other Drugs For Osteoporosis *New Research On Progesterone Alone Preventing Bone Loss *Resources: *Products *Laboratories *The Daily Perimenopause Diary: *Perimenopausal Menstrual Cycle Symptom Diary Form *Osteoporosis Risk Profile *Givens *Assess Your Risk According To The Following:
How To Save Your Uterus - Page 218

*Hysterectomy Rates Vary Across The Country *Unnecessary Hysterectomies *Myths About Hysterectomy *Laparoscopic Hysterectomy *Regrets After A Hysterectomy *Valid Reasons For A Hysterectomy *Possible Conditions That May In Some Situations Warrant A Hysterectomy *What To Do About Fibroids *More About Moderate To Heavy Bleeding *A Word About Subtotal Hysterectomy *Never Have A Hysterectomy For The Following Reasons *What You Can Do To Save Your Uterus *Two Stories *Remember: *Resources: *Essential Addresses:
The Great Debate Over Breast Cancer Screening - Page 227

*Screening For Breast Cancer *How Useful Are Screening Mammograms ? *Not All Mammograms Are Created Equal *Mammography Can Be Used For Two Purposes *How Often Should I Have A Screening Mammogram ? *What Other Screening Techniques Are Available ? *New Techniques *So What Do The Studies Show So Far ? *Favourable Studies *What Does A 30 Percent Reduction In Breast Cancer Death Rate Really Mean ? *Unfavourable Studies *The National Breast Screening Study In Canada *The Advantages Of Routine Mammography *The Disadvantages Of Mammograms *What Are The Critics Of Routine Mammography Saying ? *Another View *The Large Screening Program In Ontario *The Politics Of Breast Cancer Research *What's A Women To Do ? *Future Trends *Suggested Reading *Breast Cancer: What Are The Risks ?

A New View Of Endometriosis - Page 186 The Major Milestone Of Menopause - Page 188


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