Dealing With The Discomforts Of Pregnancy - Page 124 How Painful is Childbirth ? - Page 126

Satisfying Childbirth Section - Page 125
How Painful is Childbirth ? - Page 126

*What Is The Pain Like ? *Active Labour And Birth *Two Essential Characteristics *Breathing *Relaxation *Position *Vocalization *Emotional Expression *Support Systems *Pain Relieving Medications *The Best Laid Plans... *Visualization: Can You Handle It ? *In Summary *Resources
The Unkindest Cut: Are Episiotomies Really Necessary - Page 130

*How The Routine Episiotomy Came Into Fashion *The First North American Episiotomy Trial *Alternatives To Episiotomies *Prevention During The Pushing Stage Of Labour *Prevention Before Birth *There Is No Need For An Episiotomy In A Normal Birth *Arroll's Advice To Doctors *Tears Heal Quickly *Episiotomy Does Not Prevent Later Problems *For Further Reading
Once A C-Section, Always? - Page 135

*Sixty To Seventy Percent Of Repeat Cesareans Are Unnecessary *Reasons For Sections *Incisions And Scars *Advantages Of VBAC *Not Enough Doctors Follow The Guidelines *Getting More Support *Resources: *Useful Addresses
Miscarriage: The Need For Support - Page 139

*Stages Of The Grieving Process *Guidelines For Grieving *Recommended Reading
The Thyroid Gland Acts Up After Pregnancy - Page 141

*Trudi's Story *Postpartum Thyroiditis *Underactive Or Overactive Thyroid ? *A Typical Case *How Often Does This Occur *For Further Reading *Taking Your Basal Temperature *Basal Temperature Chart

Dealing With The Discomforts Of Pregnancy - Page 124 How Painful is Childbirth ? - Page 126


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