Grief Is Hard Work - Page 44 No Magic Pill - Page 46

Birth Control and Infections Section - Page 45
No Magic Pill - Page 46

*Blood Clots, Heart Attacks And Strokes *The Pill And High Blood Pressure *Effects Of Pills On Blood Lipids (fats) *Liver And Gallbladder Problems *The Thorny Question Of Cancer *Infertility After The Pill *Pregnancy, Lactation And The Pill *Teenagers And The Pill *The Pill And Women Over 35 *Thyroid And Adrenal Effects *Infections *Depression *Metabolic Changes *Other Side Effects *Advantages Of The Pill *New Pill Developments *The New Progesterones- Hope And Hype *New Dutch Research *Other Means Of Birth Control *Conclusions *For Further Reading
Cervical Cap Makes A Comeback - Page 57

Permanent Birth Control: The Facts - Page 59

*Vasectomy Or Tubal Ligation ? *Chances For Reversal *Important Considerations Before Tubal Ligation *How A Tubal Ligation Is Done *After Surgery *Other Types Of Tubal Ligation Surgery *Long-term Complications *Tubal Ligation And Premature Menopause *Resources:
Know Your Body's Cycles - To Get Pregnant Or To Avoid Pregnancy - Page 64

*How The Egg Meets The Sperm *The Two Tools Of Mucous And Temperature *Natural Birth Control *One In Seven Couples Have Trouble Getting Pregnant *Age Makes Pregnancy More Challenging To Achieve *Timing Is Everything When You Are Trying To Get Pregnant *What Makes Urine Lh Detection Possible *Five Different Lh Test Kits *How Lh Test Kits Work *Using Lh Kits As An Aid In Treating Or Diagnosing Infertility *How To Buy Lh Tests *Conclusion *Further Information
The Yeast Among Us - Page 70

*Predisposing Factors That Affect The Whole Body *Predisposing Factors That Affect The Vagina Locally *Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection *What You Can Do At Home *What Your Doctor Might Prescribe *Persistent Reoccurring Yeast Infections *Education Is The First Step *The Ground-breaking Work Of Dr. Orian Truss And Other Pioneers *Don't Be Confused - Other Vaginal Infections That Are Not Yeast *Treatment Of Chronic Yeast Infections *For More Information
Bladder Blues - Page 78

*Symptoms Of Chronic Cystitis - IC Type *Ic Can Begin With An Infection *The Perfect Design Of A Woman's Urinary System *What Happens In IC *Antibiotic Usage *Serotonin Makes It Worse *Viral Infection *Hidden Bacterial Infections *Other Environmental Factors *Yeast Infection *Hormonal Factors *Psychoneuroimmunolgy *Chronic Cystitis - The Infective Type *Not Enough Good Bacteria In The Vagina *Tests You Should Have Doneif You Suspect You Have Infectious Cystitis *Pointers On Treatment Of Infectious Cystitis *Pointers On Diagnosis And Treatment Of Interstitial Cystitis *Resources
Chlamydia - The Greatest Threat To Reproductive Health - Page 87

*Chlamydia A Serious Problem *What Is Chlamydia ? *How Can You Test For Chlamydia ? *Who Is At Risk For Chlamydia ? *Protecting Yourself *When Your Doctor Should Suspect Chlamydia *How Often Should You Get Checked ? *Symptoms And Complications Of Chlamydial Infections *Chlamydia And Pregnancy *The Liver, The Pap Smear And Men *Treating Chlamydia *Partners And Follow-up *Conclusion

Grief Is Hard Work - Page 44 No Magic Pill - Page 46


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