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Still, it may take years before the mainstream medical profession catches on to this serious problem, which has left many women without proper diagnosis and treatment. Only public pressure can speed up this process.

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The following outline was adapted from the one developed by Dr. Carolyn Dean.

DIET: Diet is the most important contributing factor and must be changed in order to begin treatment. There should be noticeable improvement after being on the diet for four to 12 weeks. Diet must be individualized but in general, the main foods to avoid are sugars, bread with yeast, dairy, fermented foods, dried fruits, canned and processed and mouldy foods especially over-ripe fruits.

ACIDOPHILUS: At the same time, high quality dairy free lactobacillus acidophilus one-quarter teaspoon powder or two capsules should be taken by mouth, twice a day with meals for six months to a year.

PSYLLIUM SEED POWDER OR METAMUCIL WITHOUT SUGAR: These maybe necessary to help cleanse the colon and get rid of the yeast. If you are constipated, you should take metamucil or psyllium first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

NATURAL ANTI-YEAST PREPARATIONS: These include caprylic acid (made from coconut oil), mycocidin (made from the castor bean oil) and garlic in capsule form or fresh. A new and highly effective preparation, that is effective against both yeast and parasites, is grapefruit seed extract in doses of five to 15 drops three or four times a day. Tannelbit is a product consisting of natural tannins combined with zinc, three capsules three times a day, has been used successfully for chronic yeast, where the yeast growth is predominate in the intestines.

ANTI-YEAST MEDICATIONS: If the above preparations are not effective, then you may have to resort to drug treatments.

Nystatin powder or tablets may have to be taken by mouth for an extended period of time varying from one month to six months.

Another drug being used for long-term treatment is ketoconazole (nizoral) a powerful anti-yeast drug, taken once or twice daily for one to six months. Ketoconazole may affect liver function, (about one in 10,000 cases, according to Dr. Crook) and this must be checked regularly throughout treatment.

Two new drugs, fluconazole (diflucan) and itraconazole appear to be more effective than ketoconazole. Both are exorbitantly expensive ($373.00 for three weeks of diflucan). Dr. Jessop now uses fluconazole or diflucan for treatment of her patients with chronic candida. "If they have a yeast overgrowth, my treatment of choice is three weeks of diflucan 100mg daily for three weeks."

Dr. Jessop says that her patients report improvement of mental symptoms like "brain fog" on diflucan. Some side effects have been reported in 16 percent of persons using the drug, and liver function can be affected.

On the other hand, itraconazole appears to have the least side effects of all three drugs, and does not appear to affect the liver.

CONCLUSION: The vagina has a wonderful built-in defence system. But in today's fast-paced lifestyle, with its over-reliance on drugs, poor diet and environmental stresses, natural defence systems may be overwhelmed. A simple yeast infection now and then is easy to treat but a chronic yeast infection requires a more thoughtful and thorough approach.

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This research foundation was founded by Dr. William Crook and will provide books and articles for the public and physicians.

The Yeast Among Us - Page 75 Birth Control and Infections Section - Page 45 The Yeast Among Us - Page 70 The Yeast Among Us - Page 77


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